Spider Veins


Spider telangectasias, also known as spider veins can be treated successfully with an injection of FDA approved medications. Sclerotherapy is the standard treatment for small varicose and spider veins.  A sclerosing solution is injected into the vein.  The vein becomes irritated and collapses. These veins can appear darker before they lighten.  The veins lighten over the next several weeks. Sclerotherapy can be done right in the office in less than half an hour.  There is no down time for this procedure.  Many patients can receive this treatment during the day and return right back to work.  Various treatment areas include legs, chest, breast, ankles and hands.  The needles are fine needles as small as your hair.   The injections are not painful.  The veins are marked for injections and normally take no longer than 15minutes.

Sclerotherapy, at The Vein Center of New Jersey, is NEVER performed by a nurse.  We use our highly qualified physicians to treat your spider veins.  We can sometimes visually treat the spider veins with sclerotherapy or sometimes utilize our ultrasound equipment. Doctor Alissa Brotman O’Neill, a board certified vascular surgeon, joined Highland Park Surgical Associates.  She is an expert in venous care; including varicose vein, venous reflux and spider veins as well as deep venous thrombosis.

Spider veins are small blood vessels under the skin surface.  They can appear red or blue or purple.  These veins can appear on your legs, face and chest among other areas.

Board Certified Vascular surgeon, Dr.  Alissa Brotman O’Neill treats all aspects in venous disease.  She treats varicose veins, venous reflux and spider veins.  Dr. Alissa Brotman O’Neill discusses the treatment with each patient and personally performs this procedures.   It is important to ensure that a physician is treating the spider veins.  A treating  ‘spider vein doctor’ should be a board certified vascular surgeon Spider veins treated with sclerotherapy can be done for cosmetic reasons.  Also, sclerotherapy can alleviate the itching associated with some spider veins.  Spider veins can be associated with venous reflux.